Faith Bible Institute


Faith Bible Institute (FBI) is a Bible college course for every Christian.

Students will study chronologically through the ENTIRE BIBLE

and systematically through every major doctrine.

Gaffney Road Baptist Church Faith Bible classes

meet Thursday mornings at 9:00 am at the church.


Faith Bible Institute (FBI) is a through-the-Bible course for every Christian. FBI combines group & online classes, fill-in-the blanks notebooks with a chronological journey through every book & a systematic study of every major Doctrine to produce a life changing learning experience. Courses include six 17 - 18 week semesters plus optional elective courses.


A unique email address (not used by another student) and a Debit or Credit Card.

STEP 1: ENROLL ONLINE Go to: and click on Sign- up. Fill out the online registration form completely. Submit the form & look for a confirmation email needed to set your password. Then proceed to select your payment option.

STEP 2: PAY ONLINE Pay in full or pay only $25 App Fee & $42 *First Time Enrollment fee ($67 total). Check for your email receipt. (Balance due Class 1 or Weeks 1, 4 & 8.) * Only 1 First Time Enrollment Fee per family w/ Family Discount. Pick up your Books from your local Director and then show up for Group Classes or watch Online. Students may view classes online during COVID or for make-up. Check with your local Director for Class night & time. Class meets 1 night per week: Typical Format: OT 6:30 - 7:20; NT 7:30 - 8:20; Theology 8:30 - 9:20

* Enroll on or before July 1 for Fall Semester or November 15 for Spring Semester to avoid

LATE FEES ($30 US & $60 International) and so your textbooks will arrive before classes begin.


̈ Practical & Exciting - filled with Personal Life Application.

̈ 100% Bible centered (KJV) and distinctively Baptist, Conservative and true to the Fundamentals of the Faith.

̈ Chronological - Studying the Bible in the order the events actually took place.

̈ Comprehensive - Covering Every Book (usually verse by verse) and Every Major Doctrine of the Bible.

̈ Topical - Including a growing library of thrilling Electives on Creation, Worldview, Prophecy, Angels, & more.)

̈ Experience Tested - by tens of thousands of students in schools throughout the US and on 7 continents.

̈ Family Friendly - with a 50% tuition discount and no First Time Enrollment Fee for additional immediate family members in the same home (family shares Willmington’s Guide).


Bible College Diploma - for completion of Basic Curriculum. Advanced Diploma in Biblical Studies - for completion of the Basic Curriculum and Elective courses.

Certificate of Completion - for Auditing Students who meet basic attendance and homework requirements.

Letter of Recognition - for Auditing

Students who meet basic attendance requirements.

Every Word for Everyone in Every Church

Faith Bible Institute is founded on 3 truths:

1. Spiritual growth comes through the Word. (1 Peter 2:2)

2. Jesus commanded us to live “by every word.” (Mt. 4:4)

3. The Great Commission commands local churches to

teach every member “all things” Christ has

commanded. (Mt. 28:19-20)

* Therefore it is the responsibility of Every church to have

a plan for teaching All the Bible to Every Member so

they can grow spiritually and live by Every Word.

* The goal of FBI is to give you a tool to do just that.

* We can take Every Member of your church on a life

changing journey through Every Word & Every major

Doctrine of the Christian faith.

FBI disciples believers, trains teachers, equips

Christians to share & defend their faith,

strengthens marriages & families, grounds

youth, raises up leaders, and revives churches!